About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance our clients’ mental and physical wellness by creating and maintaining a fun, diverse fitness-lifestyle. With our degree-certified personal trainers and industry leading group instructors, inShape is committed to accomplishing our mission. inShape is an advocate and teacher of healthier living; we strongly believe in our motto: “Don’t put years in your life, put life in your years.”

Fitness Philosophy

The inShape philosophy is about achieving and maintaining balance between the key variables of fitness and overall wellness.  Balancing:  strength training, cardiovascular training, core training, balance training, flexibility training and nutrition; along with a healthy practice of mental exercises (meditation and stress management), one could optimize his/her overall fitness and wellness.

Key Points

  • inShape considers our clients part of the inShape family.
  • inShape is sensitive to our clients fitness needs and concerns.
  • inShape’s safe and healthy fitness approach is tailored to our clients comfort level.
  • inShape is committed to providing the highest standard of quality care.
  • inShape is committed to learning and implementing the latest in fitness studies.
  • inShape teaches discipline in fitness maintenance and provides lasting fitness values – values that last a lifetime.
Compare and Contrast to Other Fitness Facilities inShape Others
Measurements Y Y
Body Composition Y Y
Monitor Blood Pressure Y N
Nutrition Consulting Y Y
Pictures Y Y
Body Transformations Y N
Degree Certification Required Y N
Pregnany Workout Y N
Pre/Post Gastric-Bypass Workout Y N
Senior Fitness Y N
Wide Variety of Classes Y N