Pre & Post Gastric Bypass Exercise

Exercise plays a crucial role after gastric bypass surgery. Patients take in far fewer calories directly following surgery, sometimes causing the body to react as if it were starving. In its search for more energy, the body can begin to burn muscle instead of fat. To prevent this, it is imperative to begin exercising regularly as soon as possible. This alters the metabolism so that the body begins to burn fat instead of muscle. Exercising also helps patients lose weight more rapidly.

We have a specialized program that incorporate strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and core strength.

Everyone is unique and because of this, your exercise program may differ from other people who have undergone this surgery. With clearance from your Doctor, you will undergo a fitness assessment with one of our exercise specialist. Your fitness professional will evaluate your current physical ability and exercise needs and tailor an exercise program for you. As your strength and endurance increases, your fitness professional will adjust the program.

Developing an individualized exercise and physical activity plan is one of the most important steps of obesity surgery preparation and post operative. An exercise program that implements light resistance training and cardiovascular training should begin well before gastric bypass surgery. Even a small increase in exercise can improve a patient’s flexibility, core strength, and balance, as well as decrease the chance of injury and soreness.

Note:  Clearance from your doctor is required.

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