Pre/Post Pregnancy Workouts

inShape specializes in designing pre and post pregnancy workouts. Each woman receives her own customized workout program, specifically tailored to her individual pregnancy fitness needs.

Your initial consultation begins with one of inShape’s college degreed trainers in order to determine the right workout program for you. Factors such as high-risk pregnancies, physical limitations, medical limitations, etc… are carefully reviewed and considered before embarking on a fitness program.

As a client of inShape, your fitness protocol will be expertly monitored throughout your pregnancy. You will be closely watched to ensure all exercises are conducted in a safe and medically sound manner. Also, you will be guided through an effective post pregnancy workout regime as well.

inShape has trained pregnant women at different terms with varying issues and needs. We guarantee that you will feel safe and secure every step of the way, and will be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans before you know it!!

Note:  Clearance from your doctor is required.

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